Monday, September 5, 2005

Perl Testing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Perl Testing contest winners. The winners were:

  1. Len Jaffe of Columbus, Ohio, USA

  2. Michael Hendricks of Laramie, Wyoming, USA

  3. Peter Stuifzand of Veeningen, The Netherlands

  4. Kim Ahlström of Åkersberga, Sweden

  5. Veljko Vidovic of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The questions and answers for each of the contests were:

  1. Perl’s documentation suggests using h2xs to create new modules. What module, that Ian and chromatic mention, is just a modern alternative for the h2xs method?
    • Module::Starter

  2. What is the full name of the protocol that Perl’s testing tools implement?
    • TAP - Test Anything Protocol

  3. Name three other languages that have ports of Perl’s testing tools.

    • Answers included C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. The Perl Testing authors specifically called out JavaScript, Python, Parrot/PIR, Perl 6, and C. I accepted just about anything... especially if proof was provided.

  4. What is the name of the project that aims to improve the tests and test coverage in Perl and improve the tests, test coverage and documentation of the CPAN.
    • Phalanx

  5. What module from the CPAN would you use to create unit tests?
    • PTDN recommends Test::Class, which has the highest (if any) ratings for a unit-testing module. Test::Unit, Test::SimpleUnit, Test::Assertions and Test::Extreme are others that fit the bill. Of course, since I asked which module 'you' would use, I accepted everything as an entry.

Thanks to chromatic and Ian Langworth for help with the questions.