Sunday, May 29, 2005

Perlcast 11

Perlcast 11 is out-and-about. I screwed up on the interview this week, so this episode is just me rambling. Still, some cool modules were covered, including a set of list utilities. Also, I finally figured out a decent way to link to CPAN modules... notice the module links below :)

The artist this week was Owen Gray with his song Mumbo Jumbo.



Friday, May 27, 2005 Hits 100k

The network has released stats for April. With 16 of the network memebers reporting a combined 100,000 distinct listeners and nearly 200,000 downloads, it seems like the network is on the rise.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Perlcast 10

Perlcast 10 has been released to the world. This week contains Perl news for the week ending on the 21st of May 2005, an interview with Allison Randal of The Perl Foundation, a little talking about scripting GMail and about trusted Perl modules.

This week I had a new mic, which helped a lot with the show sound. However, I also dropped the show bitrate down from 96 to 64. Be sure to let me know if the change is intolerable.

Lots of news this week. Below, you can find links to each of the topics mentioned.
YAPC::EU Registration
Call For Lightning Talks
YAPC::EU Call For Venue
Parrot 0.2.0
Perl 5.8.7 RC1
Catalyst 5.2.0
Catalyst PPMS
Intro to Perl at HTML Goodies
Creating A Wireless Access Point
mod_perl 2.0.0

Allison Randal
This week I got to talk with Allision Randal, the President of The Perl Foundation and project manager for Perl 6. Below are some links to things that we talked about in the interview.
Interview at
Book Allison Co-Authored
The Perl Foundation
Onyx Neon

Accessing GMail
Grrr... access gmail through Perl. Here are the modules that I used and a journal entry about the experience.
WWW::GMail (Didn't Work)
Mail::Webmail::Gmail (Didn't Work)
GMail::Checker (Worked!!)
My Journal Entry On The Experience

Getting Command Line Options
I cheated and talked about Getopt::Long this week for the Phalanx discussion. On top of that, I wasn't even prepared.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Perlcast 9

Perlcast number nine has been released. I'm a little irritated with this cast. There is some background clicking noise that I couldn't stop from happening. I'm not sure what I was doing, but it hurts the sound quality... I even tried a complete second take, but couldn't make it go away. Oh well, by next week I should have my new mic setup and will have overall better sound quality anyway.

News Items Covered This Week

  1. SVK version 1 has been released. svk is a decentralized version control system written in Perl. It uses the Subversion filesystem but provides additional, powerful features. In its current form, svk is a client of remote Subversion, Perforce and CVS repositories to allow for offline operation. A svk-specific server is in its early alpha testing. The Use Perl article notes that the Pugs creator uses svk for his development.

  2. has an article entitled “Inside YAPC::NA 2005”, which is an interview with Richard Dice, the organizer of the conference. I've only made it about half-way through the article so far, but it looks like there are some really cool events planned for the Monday and Tuesday nights of the conference. It looks like you might need your digital cameras and possibly a life jacket :)

  3. CPAN's first European mirror goes live. They now use Geo DNS to direct all requests from Europe to a box hosted by Digital Craftsman.

  4. Slashdot has a book review of Perl Medic: Transferring Legacy Code by Peter J. Scott. The book, published by Addison Wesley, got a rating of 8 out of 10 from the reviewer, Craig Maloney.

  5. Perlcast has been accepted as a basic member of the techpodcasts network. You can find other technical podcasts at

Beginners Talk

This talk was based on a tutorial from an article by David Oswald at Perl Monks and concerns 'and' and 'or' short-circuit operators in Perl.

Perl Talk

Perlcast is going to try to talk about the modules found on the Phalanx project over the next few (hundred) casts. This week, we discussed CPANPLUS.


None this week; however, I do have a few lined up. Please let me know who you would like to hear from.


The artist for this week was Scotland Barr and The Slow Drags with their song Sun Years.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Perlcast 8

Perlcast 8 is out. This weeks Perlcast covers news of Perl for the week ending on May 8th 2005 and contains an interview with Leopold Toetsch, the current Parrot pumpking.

Episode Links

Also, remember to Skype me using the perlcast user or the Skype-in number 501.358.4143 with your tips, tricks, and suggestions with Perl.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Perlcast 7

The seventh Perlcast has finally been released. This is a big one running just over 25 minutes (18 MB)... ouch. Anyway, I think that everyone will really enjoy this one because I do less talking and more listening. That's right. Perlcast is proud to announce it's first interview, an overview of Catalyst with one of its maintainers, Marcus Ramberg. The IRC channel that Marcus mentioned was the #catalyst channel on the server.

Also, in the news there were four stories. Links to the stories can be found here:
1) YAPC Schedule
2) Interview with brian d foy
3) Security Advisory
4) PHP or Perl?

Some of the Perl information locations mentioned include Learn Perl, the Beginning Perl book, and Perldoc.

Finally, the artist for this week is Nick Evans Mowery with his song Dylan's Ride Home.

New Domain, New Site

The time has come and gone for me to piggy-back Perlcast off of my personal website. So welcome to the new Perlcast website. For now, the message board will link back to the old site, but everything else should be moved over by now.

That means that the old RSS feed will be going away eventually, so you'll need to point your podcather at the new feed when you get the chance.