Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Interview with Richard Foley

Recently, Perlcast interviewed Richard Foley about his book "Pro Perl Debugging". In the interview Richard talks about the often overlooked Perl debugger.

The artist featured in this interview was the Lemmings with their track "evolution".

Interview Audio

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Perl NOC

What makes tick? Ask and Robert, of course. The rulers of the Perl NOC have agreed to be interviewed for Perlcast. Please post any questions that you have here or email them to perlcast-at-gmail-dot-com.


What do Slashdot and Use Perl have in common... well one thing is Chris Nandor. Chris has agreed to be interviewed for Perlcast, so if you have any questions that you would like to hear asked, post them as a comment here or email perlcast-at-gmail-dot-com.

Interview with Randal Schwartz

On October 26th 2006 I had a chance to interview Randal Schwartz, a key figure in the Perl community and author of countless books, articles, and web pages about Perl. In the interview, we talk about Randal's books, business, and a few Perl'isms that can be attributed to him.

Interview Audio