Sunday, May 1, 2005

Perlcast 7

The seventh Perlcast has finally been released. This is a big one running just over 25 minutes (18 MB)... ouch. Anyway, I think that everyone will really enjoy this one because I do less talking and more listening. That's right. Perlcast is proud to announce it's first interview, an overview of Catalyst with one of its maintainers, Marcus Ramberg. The IRC channel that Marcus mentioned was the #catalyst channel on the server.

Also, in the news there were four stories. Links to the stories can be found here:
1) YAPC Schedule
2) Interview with brian d foy
3) Security Advisory
4) PHP or Perl?

Some of the Perl information locations mentioned include Learn Perl, the Beginning Perl book, and Perldoc.

Finally, the artist for this week is Nick Evans Mowery with his song Dylan's Ride Home.