Sunday, March 18, 2007

Perl News 2007-03-14

$foo Perl-Magazin

There's a new Perl magazine on the scene. On February 1st, Renee Baecker published the first issue of a new magazine dedicated to Perl, $foo Perl-Magazin. The first issue features articles on topics such as new features in Perl 5.10, DBIx::Class, and Perl testing. To find out more visit

Perl NOC Power Outage

If you noticed that some of the sites were down on February 25th, it was probably due to a planned outage mandated by the building that the center resides in. There was a scheduled power outage because "a conductor cable has been compromised to the point that immediate action to repair it is necessary or a ground fault will occur to the building system". No email should have been lost during this outage, but it might have been delayed.

YAPC::Europe 2007 Call For Participation is officially announcing the call for participation for Yet Another Perl Conference Europe 2007... in other words, registration is open. This years conference theme is "Social Perl". The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, from 29th to 31st August 2007 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Regular attendance is 100 EUR, students and early birds can get in for 80 EUR. Businesses and sponsors are welcome to pay a voluntary 200 EUR to help support the conference.

LISA 2007 Call For Papers

The LISA 2007 organizers invite you to contribute proposals for refereed papers, invited talks, and workshops, plus any ideas you have for Guru Is In sessions, Work-in-Progress Reports, the new poster session, and training sessions. This year is the 21st Large Installation System Administration Conference, which will be held in Dallas, TX on November 11-16th 2007. The Call for Participation with submission guidelines and sample topics can be found on the USENIX Web site at—cfpa. Extended abstract and paper submissions are due May 14, 2007.

Nordic Perl Workshop

The Copenhagen Perl Mongers will host the Fifth Nordic Perl Workshop on April 28-29, 2007. Submit proposals for papers, offer sponsorship, or volunteer to help. The price for two days of the workshop with lunch included is 500 DKK (about $US90). As usual, the workshop fee is waived for speakers, so submit a talk! To find out more visit the conference website at—npw2007.

YAPC::Asia 2007 Schedule Released and Registration Opened

Sessions along with Timetable and Speakers profile for YAPC::Asia 2007 are now published at—sessions. The conference starts April 4th 2007 and continues through April 5th. Some speakers include Mark Jason Dominus, Chia-liang Kao, Audry Tang, Jesse Vincent, Dave Rolsky, Jose Castro, Ingy .Net, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, and many many more. Registration is open now. Last year the conference sold out within two weeks, so sign up soon if you plan on going.

Minimal Perl Review on Slashdot

Tim Maher's book Minimal Perl has received a review on slashdot ranking it 8 out of 10, and though the first of the slashdot comments mentions PHP, it's still good to see Perl books getting reviewed on high-profile sites. Of course, you don't have to write a slashdot review to help keep the Perl book market thriving. Remember that it is very valuable for you to throw you two-cents in on sites that allow customer reviews like Amazon.

Advanced HTML::Template Widgets on is featuring an article by Philipp Janert entitled "Advanced HTML::Template: Widgets". The description reads. "HTML::Template is a templating module for HTML made powerful by its simplicity. Its minimal set of operations enforces a strict separation between presentation and logic. However, sometimes that minimalism makes templates unwieldy. Philipp Janert demonstrates how to reuse templates smaller than an entire page--and how this simplifies your applications.". You can find the article at

New Issue of The Perl Review

The next issue of The Perl Review is out, and it's a special editionfor the Nordic Perl Workshop! Not only that, the PDF-only price is now only $7. Subscribe now to beat the price increase for US postage rate increases in May. The Spring 2007 issue of The Perl Review is online and ready for download. Subscribers should have already received an email telling them all about it. In this issue (besides the cover showing Gary Blackburn's "PERL GOD" license plate), there's: History of the Nordic Perl Workshop by Jonas Nielsen; New Features in Perl 5.10 by Renée Bäcker; Dynamic Object Reconfiguration by Peter Scottl; Adding Transactions to DBM::Deep by Rob Kinyon; Parsing with Parse::Eyapp by Casiano Rodriguez; Leon can() You Do It? by brian d foy and much more. Check out for to get your subscription.

YAPC::Europe re-secheduled to start a day earlier

The ESC Congress 2007 is even bigger than anticipated and due to this, there very fews beds are available in Vienna for the night from Friday, 31st August to Saturday, 1st September. So as not to force you to leave on the last day of the conference, the organizers decided to reschedule YAPC::Europe: it will happen from Tuesday, 28th to Thursday, 30th August. If this change does cause you some problems, please inform the organizers of YAPC::Europe, and they'll see what we can do to help you.

On a brighter note, register or submit a talk through 31th March and win a book! YAPC::Europe has two coffee-table books (one including a DVD) on Vienna to raffle off. To enter the contest, all you need to do is to either register for the conference and pay your ticket, or submit a talk proposal by 31th March.

Visit to find out more and to register for the conference.

CPANTS up again on a new server

CPANTS is now up and running again, with fresh data, which will be available again daily. Thanks goes out to for providing the new server. You can now continue playing the CPANTS game and raising your kwalitee (and hopefully making CPAN a nicer place in the process...)

Mastering Perl on Pre-Order

Mastering Perl, brian d foy's latest contribution to Perl books, has made its way to the online bookshops, so be on the lookout for it at sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's books.

Komodo 4.0 Extensibility Challenge

Komodo 4.0 now allows XPI extensions, the same thing that Firefox has. Create something cool for the Komodo 4.0 Extensibility Challenge and you could win some money or prizes. The contest is open until April 1, and you can use the 21-day free preview of Komodo to participate in the challenge. ActiveState will go through the entries and put the best on their website to let the community vote on the one they like the best. They'll announce the results at RailsConf 2007 (but that doesn't mean you have to be a Ruby guy [or gal] to win). on Perl6 Parameter Passing

Perl 6 isn't quite out yet, but you can learn and play with it today in various incarnations. One of the most compelling new features is a revamped and revised mechanism of parameter passing. Phil Crow demonstrates how powerful it is, and how you can gradually adopt more and more powerful constructs. Find out more at